When many of us envision marble, whether it is in the kitchen or bathroom, images of Roman statues Greek pillar come to mind.  While these are indeed excellent examples, we must not forget that marble is one of the most commonly used stones around the home and it makes for a perfect work surface.  Still, fashioning this stone from its raw form takes skill that only generations of experience can offer.

At Egan Stone, this very same talent has been shaped and honed (much like the marble itself) over no less than six generations of commitment to the industry.  This is the vary same reason that we are able to purchase marble from vast locations across the world; offering truly unforgettable examples of the beauty that nature has to offer.  Our establishment in the industry also allows us to cater to every area in Ireland; a benefit not offered by the majority of local stone masons.  While all of these attributes are undeniably important, it is the stones themselves that evoke a sense of pride in our customers.

 A Surface for Every Need

One of the numerous benefits of working with marble is that it is a rather versatile material; it is easy to shape than other stones that exhibit a much harder quality.  Indeed, this is the very same reason that it has been employed in statuaries for millennia.  Also, its characteristic, pure-white appearance makes it ideal for kitchen work surfaces that bring a bit of light into an environment.  It is easy to clean and thanks to the professional experience of our staff, a work surface can be cut, polished and fitted to nearly any dimension conceivable.

 The Proof is in the Product

Of course, one of the most important principles that we embrace at Egan Stone is the fact that our approach is solely centred around the requirements of our clients.  There is no job too big and certainly no job too small  It is for this reason that we encourage visitors to frequent our stockyard in Kilbeggan to choose their very own piece of marble.  This will allow a more “personal” touch than would ever be possible with a factory model.  Alternatively, you can visit our showroom to appreciate some examples of the marble tops we have fitted or to gain a bit of visual inspiration for your own home.

These are but a handful of reasons why Egan Stone is proud to service our client base throughout Ireland.  Should you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to call us or visit our Kilbeggan  showroom for further information.

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